Elena Eustache

Who is Elena Eustache?

Actress, Stand Up Comedian, Relationship Expert and Coach

Elena Eustache Short Bio

Elena Eustache is all about helping people feel better about themselves, their partners and the world. She does so through a variety of methods, including acting, energy healing, coaching, counseling, charity and more. She started on this path at an early age as an actress, performing for international audiences in 11 languages. As she grew and developed her own self-awareness and personal enlightenment, she wanted a closer relationship with the public.


Since the age of ten, when she enrolled in the Dramatic School of Art in her native Czechoslovakia, Elena Eustache has been performing on the stage and in television and movies. From Czechoslovakia she moved to New York, where she studied at The School for Film and Television, The William Esper Studios and Caroline's. Her acting credits include stand up performances at many of the best comedy clubs in New York and Los Angeles, as well as roles in television and movies.

While her intuition told her that her acting touched people, she wanted a more personal, closer connection with others. She began searching for a more direct route for reaching out to her audiences.

A Closer Connection with the World

Eustache's formal education in the area of self-realization and enlightenment began when she started to study with Dr. Pat Allen at the Want Institute in Los Angeles. She subsequently became a certified communication and relationship coach. Eustache also studied the Yuen Method of Chinese Energies, with Dr. Kam Yuen. The Yuen Method is a touch-free method that works to restore balance. Eustache couples the Yuen Method with her accumulated knowledge in the field of relationship, parenting and personal awareness counseling and coaching to help those experiencing any of the signs of an unbalanced existence, such as pain, attention disorders, sleep issues, relationship problems, and so on.

A Closer Connection with the World

In addition to practicing the Yuen Method of Chinese Energies, Eustache is a trained dowser and feng shui consultant.

Dowsing: There was a time that the term dowsing was only associated with a folkloric process for finding water. The person looking for water would loosely hold two sticks and then walk around, letting the sticks guide him or her to a water source. Eustache, however, has learned how to adapt this process in order to find positive and negative energy flows in any environment. Once these energy flows are pinpointed, Eustache can show her clients how to maximize the positive and eliminate the negative.

Feng shui: This ancient Chinese method for balancing energies concentrates on the organization and placement of various elements in a living/business space. While traditional feng shui relies on analyses using specific feng shui tools (a feng shui compass and a Ba-gua) Eustache's expertise in dowsing gives her further insight on how to maximize the flow of energy in any space.

Personal Interests

Elena Eustache practices what she preaches, and lives her life positively. She is an Ambassador for Charity HORYOU, a charity that focuses on all positive aspects of life and on spirituality and works with many A-list celebrities. Elena also enjoys yoga and meditation, and continues in her own quest for inner peace and spirituality. She has written two books and has a six year old son with actor Naveen Andrews.